Rorze Automation

Location: Fremont, Ca
Size: 15,000 Sq Ft
Owner / Developer: Rorze Automation
Building Type: Office
Role: General Contractor

Project Details

Rorze Automation is a robotics manufacture serving Silicon Valley and the computer industry across the world. Rorze Automation purchased the building in Fremont. Rycon Inc. was contracted to do a complete renovation of the interior and extensive work on the exterior.  Interior improvements included: high end bathroom remodel, architecturally designed lobby, new IT server room , 4,500 sqft class 10K cleanroom with new 25 ton HVAC unit, powered HEPA filters. New LED lighting with motion sensors and programmable zoning throughout. Interior work also included , ADA compliant work, 2 large conference rooms all with video conferencing capability, corridor offices with glass doors, brand new work station on the open office area, new flooring throughout the building. Factory area received new high pile storage complete with new fire sprinklers and riser to satisfy all requirements. Exterior work included: upgrades to the parking lot and accessible entry with new doors and glass, new signage and landscape work. Overall space remodeled was 15,000 sqft which gave Rorze Automation in the city of Fremont a complete new look.