Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 32,000 Sq Ft
Owner / Developer: Schmidt Peterson
Building Type: Raceway Garage
Role: General Contractor / Designer

Project Details

Rycon Inc. was hired to construct the raceway garage for Schmidt Peterson at the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 after presenting an original design concept. Standard raceway garages have exposed workstations with little to no visuals or design work. Rycon Inc. designed a custom reusable panel system that displayed graphic wall art and covered the more unsightly parts of the workstations. The racecars were turned sideways in front of a cleaner less obstructed background under custom installed halogen lighting creating a showcase type of setting. The concept was the first of its kind at Indy 500 and the modern take on what a raceway garage could be was very well received by fans and the press. Rycon Inc. was presented with an award for “Outstanding Craftsmanship” from Schmidt Peterson’s team.